Long term study

Regardless if your staying for a year or 10, there are great school options

Long-Term Study Opportunities in New Zealand

Studying abroad can be life-changing, and New Zealand offers a welcoming environment for international students. Eastern Bridge Education is your partner in realizing this journey, making your experience smooth and rewarding. Long term study in New Zealand typically is for more than one years.

Pathway through education

New Zealand offers a well-rounded education for international students at all levels. Starting with primary education, young learners are nurtured in a caring and interactive setting. As they move to secondary level, students dive deeper into subjects, preparing them for higher studies or the world of work. For those seeking tertiary education, our universities and colleges are among the best globally, providing courses that are both practical and academically rigorous. Each stage is designed to ensure students get the best learning experience. Whether it's primary, secondary, or tertiary, New Zealand's education is a gateway to global opportunities and a bright future

Reasons to study in New Zealand

Globally recognised

New Zealand's globally recognised education prepares students for successful international careers.


Safety is paramount; New Zealand offers a secure environment for young learners.

Teaching approach

Our unique teaching approach emphasises critical thinking and real-world application.

Beautiful country

The country's natural beauty provides a healthy, inspiring setting for academic growth.

Kiwi culture

Kiwi culture promotes inclusivity, ensuring all students feel welcome and valued.

Balanced study-life

Balanced study-life experiences aid in holistic development beyond just academics.

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Accomodation options

In New Zealand, where students stay depends on their age and what they are studying.

For young children in primary school, a parent must be with them. Usually, the parent rents a house for both to live in. If it's a short visit, they might stay in an AirBnB.

For older students in secondary school, many stay with a New Zealand family, called a 'homestay'. It's a chance to learn about Kiwi life. Some might choose to stay in a student dormitory, with other students.

Tertiary students, those in university or college, have different choices. Many stay in 'halls of residence', which are buildings with rooms for students. There are also hostels and other dormitories. But some might prefer a homestay, to live with a local family. Others might rent a house, especially if they want to live with friends.

Indicative costs

If you're considering studying in New Zealand, it's important to be aware of the typical costs. New Zealand offers high-quality education at every level. For tuition fees, if you're studying at primary or high school, it might be around NZD 13,000 a year. If you choose university or another tertiary course, fees could be up to NZD 50,000 a year. Apart from this, you'll need money for living. Every week, you might spend NZD 400 to NZD 600 on things like rent, food, and travel. Remember, these numbers are just a guide. Your actual costs can change based on where you live or what you choose to do.

Why use us?

Eastern Bridge Education is a trusted choice for parents aiming to give their children quality education in New Zealand. Here's why:

1. Expert Guidance: We know the New Zealand education system inside out. We help choose the right school or university that fits your child's needs.

2. Smooth Process: We handle the paperwork, making enrolment easier. Parents can focus on preparing their child for the journey.

3. Tailored Support: Every child is unique. We take time to understand your child's goals and find the best educational path for them.

4. Local Knowledge: From schools to accommodation, we provide vital local insights that online searches might miss.

5. Trust and Care: We're not just about placing students; we genuinely care about their future and well-being.

Choosing a school in a different country can be challenging. With Eastern Bridge Education, parents get peace of mind knowing they're making an informed decision. Your child's future is in good hands with us.