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Eastern Bridge Education

Welcome to Eastern Bridge Education in New Zealand. We started in 2022 to help migrants, refugees, and students from other countries. We want to make it easier for everyone, no matter their language or job skills. We offer special courses to help you learn and do well in New Zealand. Come and be part of our journey.

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Migrants and Refugees

Domestic training

We have courses made specially for migrants and refugees in New Zealand. We offer free and paid English language lessons and also job training for areas like hospitality and horticulture. Our courses can help you fit into the community and find a good job. If you're new to New Zealand or looking for a different career, our lessons can guide you to a better future here.

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International student placment

International recruitment

We help international students find the best schools in New Zealand, from young to older students. We don't just find any school; we choose one that fits what each student wants. While we are based in Hawke's Bay, we also help find schools in other parts of New Zealand. We make sure students are happy and safe in their schools.

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Packages for families and small groups

Travel and education

Join Eastern Bridge Education's special New Zealand travel tours for students and their families. During the trips, students can experience real New Zealand schools, while parents can enjoy the country's beautiful sights and culture. On weekends, families come together to explore and make lasting memories. Every tour is carefully made to give you a great experience that you will remember long after it ends.

Building education partnerships and pathways

Institutional partnership

At Eastern Bridge Education, we're more than educators; we're global connectors. Our mission transcends mere student placement, venturing into forging lasting institutional collaborations across borders. With a keen eye for synergies, we curate bespoke partnership programmes, seamlessly bridging international institutions. These collaborations pave the way for joint programmes and innovative educational pathways, allowing students a richer, cross-cultural academic experience. Choose Eastern Bridge Education, your trusted partner in crafting global academic legacies.