Holiday group study tours

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Benifits of group study tours

Holiday group study tours in New Zealand are a great chance for students to learn while exploring a beautiful country. Students can improve their English by speaking it every day. They also learn about New Zealand's special mix of Maori and modern culture. The country has lots of nature and adventure activities, so students can enjoy things like hiking or seeing unique animals and plants. Staying with local families or in student places means they'll experience real Kiwi life. These tours are a fun way to study and see new things at the same time.

Eastern Bridge's group tours

Eastern Bridge Education's group tours and holiday programmes, specially designed for students seeking enriching experiences. Our ready-to-join pre-developed tours cater to primary and high school-aged students, offering them a chance to embark on exciting journeys. Here's a glimpse into what we offer:

Benifits for joinging

Study tour

Safety First

Our program prioritises your child's safety. From secure accommodations to rigorous safety protocols, we ensure a safe environment in top destinations.

Trusted Reputation

We have been arranging group tours and exchanges since 2016, our holiday program's reputation stands out. You can count on our trusted track record.

Value for Money

With clear pricing, our program covers travel, accommodation, and enriching activities, ensuring no hidden costs and great value for your money.

Dive into Culture

We promise more than just a holiday. Your child will experience deep cultural immersion, broadening their horizons and understanding.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our dedicated team and partner schools provides continuous supervision, ensuring a low student-to-staff ratio. Help is always at hand in case of emergencies.

Rich Program Content

From enlightening educational sessions to thrilling excursions, we offer diverse activities ensuring a well-rounded and unforgettable experience.

A study tour in New Zealand offers students a blend of academic growth, language improvement, cultural immersion, and adventure in a safe and welcoming environment.

Primary School Programs

Young learners, accompanied by parents, can dive into educational and cultural encounters while attending school during the day. Parents can unwind and explore the surroundings while the children learn. Weekends are all about quality family time, with engaging activities for both parents and students.

High School Programs

High school students are in for a true student-life experience. They'll be immersed in a school environment, connecting with local peers and participating in activities that foster cultural exchange and language development. Engaging experiences, such as ESOL classes and sightseeing, await them.

Tailored Programs

For our international partners, we're equipped to design courses tailored to specific requirements. If you have a group of at least 5 students, we're here to collaborate. Please note that for custom courses, a planning deposit may be applicable.