Work skills

Assisting migrants transition into employment

Work Readiness

We're here to help migrants like you get ready for work in a new country. Our programme is designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to find a job and thrive.

Why Choose Our Programme?

  1. Learn Job Skills: We'll teach you how to look for jobs, write a good CV, and give a great interview.
  2. Recieve a qualification which will enhance your job prospects and earning potential
  3. Understand the Culture: Learn about how workplaces here operate and what is expected.
  4. Speak Better English: Improve your language, especially the words and phrases used in jobs.

Employer network

At Eastern Bridge, our extensive network includes migrant business owners and employers. This unique advantage enhances our ability to effectively place migrants into employment opportunities. Our connections facilitate a culturally sensitive approach, fostering a smoother transition into the workforce for both job seekers and employers.

Eligibility and cost

Our program is free of cost for eligible residents and citizens. To qualify, you need to show that you are presently unemployed.

Additionally, we provide an array of micro-credentials and English classes that migrants can join without any charges, irrespective of meeting the Ministry of Social Development's criteria. We're dedicated to supporting your journey towards employment and skill enhancement.